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Aquired from TOKU-E in 2010, the new Robins product line features higher quality and sharper needles. To date, Robins products have already been distributed and used in many countries all over the world, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Argentina. Robins-needle was originally founded in 1999 to produce veterinary medical equipment and soon after its founding began producing syringes and needles used on pigs (breeding farms), cows, other livestock, and pets. All products manufactured were exported to Europe or the United States. Currently, many of Robins’ new products carry United States and European patents. These include IBD (Intelligent Block & Detectable) needles, which have proven to prevent accidents and other complications during injections. Robins products include: PP (with aluminum insert), disposable syringes, aluminum hub needles and more.

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Newly Innovated Needle
Robins debuted its own innovative needle brand, together with its distributor, to the market at the 2008 Agromek annual Exhibition in Herning, Denmark. More...>>


Robins Needle is looking for agents and distributors in countries and regions where we are both active and not active yet. We are searching for:
    Companies/agents that have an eye for quality, reliability and flexibility.
    Companies/agents that have a well established network of contacts in the veterinary market or the capability and motivation to establish them.
    Companies/agents that share our vision of providing the veterinary market with good quality and fair priced medical devices.
    Companies/agents that are fully committed to ensuring success in distributing our products.

info@Robins-needle.com for any questions.

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Being a meat producer whether pork or beef it is a major concern that no needle, in case broken during the injection, reaches the dinner table. More...>>

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