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Metal Hub Needle

Our metal hub needles offer the highest stability and strength for injecting larger animals. During the development of this needle, ROBINS engineers focused on increasing the joint force (between hub and needle) to ensure safety for our users and animals during usage.

To further reduce the pain during the injection all metal-hub needles are coated with a special lubricant that creates less resistance and easy penetration during the injection.

All ROBINS needles are Tri-beveled, ultra-sharp, and continuously improved to achieve highest animal comfort.

Packaging: 12/box, 12boxes/case (144)
Regular Wall
Description Product Code
Hypo Needle 14x1 1/2" 33010
Hypo Needle 14x1 1/4" 33011
Hypo Needle 14x1" 33012
Hypo Needle 16x1 1/2" 33020
Hypo Needle 16x1 1/4" 33021
Hypo Needle 16x1" 33022
Hypo Needle 16x3/4" 33023
Hypo Needle 16x5/8" 33024
Hypo Needle 18x1 1/2" 33030
Hypo Needle 18x1 1/4" 33031
Hypo Needle 18x1" 33032
Hypo Needle 18x3/4" 33033
Hypo Needle 18x5/8" 33034
Deluxe Metal-Hub Needles

Robins have successfully developed Robins Deluxe Needle which made of special alloy for premium sharpness and toughness even after many injections. This special alloy can be easily cleaned after each use so it is compatible for multiple usages. The needle is designed with a reinforced wall to reduce possible breakage during injection and to extend its durability; it is also coupled with a bigger metal hub for better needle support and easier attachment/detachment to the syringe.

In addition, these needles will be assembled inside a newly innovative package for easier access prior or after usage.

ROBINS Deluxe Needle attributes:

  • Less burrs on the needle point which provides an ultra smooth injection for veterinaries/farmers and reduces pain for animals.
  • Reinforced wall and tougher needle material which reduces a possible breakage during injection and increases its durability.
  • Easy cleaning so it can be used multiple times while maintaining its hygiene and sterility.
  • Larger metal hub for better needle support and easy screw to the syringe.
  • Newly innovated needle package for easier access prior or after usage.

Package unit: 24 pcs/box

Needle cleaning rod is included inside each box according to its bore diameter

24/box, 10 boxes/case (240)
Thick Wall
Description Product Code
Hypo Needle 14x1 1/2" 35010
Hypo Needle 14x1 1/4" 35011
Hypo Needle 14x1" 35012
Hypo Needle 16x1 1/2" 35020
Hypo Needle 16x1 1/4" 35021
Hypo Needle 16x1" 35022
Hypo Needle 16x3/4" 35023
Hypo Needle 16x5/8" 35024
Hypo Needle 18x1 1/2" 35030
Hypo Needle 18x1 1/4" 35031
Hypo Needle 18x1" 35032
Hypo Needle 18x3/4" 35033
Hypo Needle 18x5/8" 35034