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Plastic Hub Needle

Economically-priced high quality hypodermic needles with luer lock fitting for single use and multiple applications.
With the goal of providing an ultra smooth injection for the vets and reducing the pain for an animal in mind, we developed a special coating to compliment the ultra sharp tip.
Robins has been pursuing the highest level of comfort for all pets exposed to its products. All animal-use needles are designed for maximum convenience, safety, transportability, and ease of disposal. Additionally, Robins needles feature standardized colored cartridges. Printed batch labels on individual package facilitate easy traceability and identification.

PP Hub Needle with Glue

Description Specification Code
16G×1″ 1.6×25mm 39010
16G×1.5″ 1.6×38mm 39011
18G×1〞 1.2×25mm 39020
18G×1.5″ 1.2×38mm 39021
19G×1″ 1.1×25mm 39080
19G×1.5″ 1.1×38mm 39081
20G×1/2〞 0.9×13mm 39030
20G×1〞 0.9×25mm 39031
20G×1.5〞 0.9×38mm 39032
21G×1〞 0.8×25mm 39040
21G×3/8〞 0.8×9.6mm 39043
21G×5/8〞 0.8×16mm 39041
21G×1.5〞 0.8×38mm 39042
23G×1〞 0.6×25mm 39050
25G×5/8〞 0.5×16mm 39060
26G×1/2〞 0.45×13mm 39070